Fostering a child costs £15 a month, which is around 50p a day. In 2002, during a visit to Sri Lanka, ACF became aware that approximately 73,000 children were not attending school regularly in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. To add to this problem, the war has also left over 89,000 widows and therefore children with only one parent. These children are often living with grandparents or other relatives. These people often have so many problems of their own that needs of the child are neglected. Although Sri Lanka has undergone many constructional developments in recent times (whilst giving the impression that all is well in country and its people), this situation of such parentless children have not improved.

The Foster Care scheme was introduced in 2002. Under this scheme, children receive small financial assistance but the main aim is to provide material help whilst they enjoy a caring, familiar home environment. To ensure funds are utilised properly, the organisation employs a progress-monitoring officer to monitor children and their families, as well as providing us with written reports.

Through this scheme, we currently provide foster care in the following areas totalling 130 children: –

Mankulam Foster Care – in five remote villages

DWF Foster Care – in remote villages in the Adampan area in Mannar

To download a foster care form Please click here.

After completing please send to ACF to the address stated at the bottom of the form. In around six week time you will receive your child’s photograph, family history and contact details from us. For those who live outside of the UK, you can send payment for an annual sponsorship cost of £180 per child or make monthly payments via Virgin Money Giving .