Day care centres in Batticaloa and Vanni.

Day care centres were formed to alleviate the suffering of widows with children. We currently fund 7 day care centres in Batticaloa and Vanni.

By leaving their children at these day care centres, whilst their child is looked after in a safe environment and provided with learning skills, these mothers have the opportunity to earn a living.

ACF work alongside CACM to ensure the children are provided with nourishment through milk & snacks. This is an essential need, which the mothers may not be able to consistently provide for their child.

Currently, we have established 7 care centres to date. They are:

Kathiraveli – Vaharai Baticaloa
Kirimichchai – Vaharai Baticaloa
Kopaveli – Vaharai Baticaloa
Maruthankulam – Vaharai Baticaloa
Kalmadukulam – Vanni
Maravankulam – Vanni
Poovarasankulam – Vanni

With your help, ACF will be able extend such assistance to further day care centres.

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